Anatomic Body Piercing


Leann Campas


Leann is a proud APP Member (Association of Professional Piercers) and began piercing in 2009 after completing a formal apprenticeship in Kingston PA.  She quickly became the go-to piercer in the area not only due to her technical abilities, but as a result of striving to constantly learn, having an amazing bedside manner and always taking as much time as necessary to properly educate her clients.

In 2012, Leann realized that people in the area of Bloomsburg PA deserved much better and much safer piercings than that offered by local studios where it wasn't uncommon to see piercings for $20-$30 including cheap mystery metal and acrylic jewelry.   There were no studios for over 100 miles that provided a safe piercing using safe, quality jewelry and that was the catalyst that created Anatomic Body Arts.

When Anatomic Body Arts opened, it was the first studio in the region to offer piercing exclusively with American made ASTM-F136 implant-grade titanium and Niobium, and still is the ONLY to do so.  It didn't stop with quality jewelry, as the health and safety of clients was the only focus, a Statim 2000 autoclave was purchased to ensure not only the safest procedure possible, but to ensure the most advanced sterlilization procedures were being used.  

Leann fulfilled her dream of becoming an APP member (Association of Professional Piercers) in 2013 and attended her first APP Conference where she not only attended over 30 hours of classes covering a wide range of topics from anatomy to technique and others that provided information to better serve her clients in all aspects of body piercing, but to also gain knowledge from other piercers from around the globe.

Fast forward to October 2016 and Anatomic Body Arts has found a new home in Gainesville Florida.  The goal is simple, bring a higher level of quality and health & Safety standards to the area.  Many people have found themselves driving hours to seek out studios that provide the level of quality and service they deserve, and now that can be found right here in Gainesville.