Piercing FAQs

Here at Anatomic Body Arts, we are exclusively a piercing studio, not a tattoo shop that offers piercing.  You are NEVER just a number!!  We are always happy to spend as much time as is needed with our clients to answer any questions they may have and to ensure that you leave the best and most information possible.   We understand that you may have a few questions prior to visiting the studio, so we have addressed a few of the more common ones below.

Do you accept credit cards?  

Of course we do!  We accept all major credit cards including Amex and Discover as well as Applepay, Googlepay and others.

What type of jewelry do you carry? 

We have the largest selection of Safe, Quality body jewelry in the region.
We pierce with ONLY internally threaded or threadless American made ASTM-F136 Titanium, Niobium, 14k/18k Nickel-free Gold, Platinum and Glass.  We will never pierce you with unsafe imported jewelry (such as G23 titanium or surgical steel), we will NEVER stock externally threaded jewelry as there is absolutely NO jewelry of this type made from safe materials and compliant with implant-grade standards. We also carry a wide range of Organics and Metals for healed piercings.

Why are your piercings and jewelry more expensive than other shops? 
A better question is; what is your safety and happiness worth? Sure, you can get cheap piercings, but where do they cut the corners to give you that cheap price?  Are you in and out in 5 or 10 minutes like some assembly line without getting proper advice and instructions?  Buying cheap jewelry from China including steel or G23 titanium or acrylic that will make your skin itch from allergic reactions. Not having state of the art sterilizers like the Statim G4, using cheap needles, skimping on cleaning supplies, having outdated aftercare.  There are even studios who use what is referred to as "cold sterilization" which is a highly dangerous practice of not even processing your jewelry in an autoclave, but rather soaking it in a liquid that is NEVER meant to come in contact with bare skin, also, all FDA approved "cold sterilants" require 3-32 hours soaking time to be effective therefore if this process is being used at the time of piercing it is not only unsafe, but against Florida statutes.  All these things add to the price tag.
     If you think you’re only worth $20 or $30 then you’ll have no shortage of low end shops waiting to pierce you. But when you are pierced with improper jewelry or your piercing rejects and leaves you with an ugly scar you may regret that cheap price tag.  So yes, quality piercings cost more, but we think you’re worth it.

Can I bring my own jewelry? 

The short answer is NO!  One of the many reasons we will not pierce with outside jewelry has to do with quality.  The vast majority of jewelry that we see coming in were bought at the mall, online or even at other shops that don't carry safe jewelry.  Many times it is unsafe imported 316L steel, labeled "surgical steel" to make you think it's safe or some other mystery metal and is often even externally threaded, if you are offered jewelry of this type for a new piercing, please seek out a professional piercer that will use proper jewelry.  We would NEVER put anything like this in your body, even if your piercing is healed!  We pierce exclusively with safe, quality materials.

What piercings do you do? 
We do virtually all piercings that are safe, or that your anatomy is suited for.  The most common piercings where an assessment is needed are Navels, Tongues, Surface Anchors (dermals), Industrial, forward helix and Genitals.  We will not just pierce you to get your money if your anatomy won't support the piercing.  A professional piercer will always assess anatomy before providing jewelry options suited to your specific anatomy.

    What piercings don't you do?
    There are a few piercings we will not do under any circumstances due to your health and safety or viability of the piercing itself.  On this list are Snake eyes (tip of the tongue), Surface anchors on hands or  feet and Horizontal tongue piercings.  There are others as well, but these seem to be the most common ones we see and hear of people falling victim to on a regular basis.  We would be happy to discuss at length, the reasons as to why piercings such as these are terrible ideas, the dangers they pose and why professional piercers do not perform them! 

    • Fun Fact:  Snake eye piercings are banned in several areas including the state of Oregon.  It is unfortunate when there are piercers who care so little about the well-being of their clients that state regulators need to step in to protect the public from negligent, uneducated piercers.